How it works

If you are making the same journey on 3 or more days within a week a 7-day Season ticket is likely to save you money compared to buying daily tickets you can use the calculator to find out. You save even more on the 7-day rate when you buy a monthly or longer period Season Ticket. A monthly ticket is valid for a full calendar month, and if you need a longer period you can ask for the specific number of months and additional days needed ‑ all at the same discounted rate!

If you are going to be buying monthly or equivalent tickets for 10 months or more, an Annual Season Ticket will give you an even bigger saving ‑ valid for a full calendar year, you effectively get 12 weeks' free travel.

Season Tickets can be used for unlimited journeys between the two stations printed on the ticket. A passport sized photograph is required for your first purchase. Season Tickets can be purchased at any staffed station, and online in many cases ‑ check out your local train company's website.

Season Ticket prices on this calculator reflect current fares and do not take into account any future changes in prices which normally occur in January each year. Remember though that when you buy a ticket you get to travel at the current price for the whole validity of your Season Ticket, regardless of any future price increase during its validity.

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